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CHome Configurator for WM 6.1

Posted by TLogix on May 17, 2008

If you are using a smartphone running on Windows Mobile 6.1, this small utility might be useful for you. It allows you to switch on/off and change the display order of the sliding panels on any CHome homescreens. It could also be used to customize all custom panels based on CWelcomeCenter and Settings plugin.


  • FIXED: Error when writing to .home.xml file: Null reference
  • FIXED: Error when deleting a panel with more than one pages


  • NEW: First panel is now dockable
  • NEW: The page order will also be saved in the active .home.xml file
  • NEW: Icon pack is avalable from a seperate download
  • FIXED: Bug with Internet Link Template when https:// URL is specified


  • NEW: Contact Dialer template now offers a choice to enable SMS button if the selected phone number isn’t a mobile phone.


  • NEW: interactive Application Launcher template
  • NEW: interactive Internet Link template
  • FIXED: Page Order window didn’t save the settings properly
  • FIXED: location of support files (helpers & pictures) are now based on the executable’s folder. This allows the software to be installed to storage card.
  • FIXED: Pictures extracted & used from Outlook Contacts are now saved in My Documents folder.
  • REMOVED: Import & Export to XML because of major problem with the importing feature.


  • NEW: ability to add new and remove existing panels (panels based on CWelcomeCenter)
  • NEW: import from XML, export to XML
  • NEW: ability to copy/paste/paste as new (clone)
  • NEW: page template: Application Launcher, Internet Link and Contact Dialer
  • NEW: ability to change page order
  • NEW: support for CHOME on HTC Vox
  • NEW: Contact Dialer can extract and use contact’s picture.
  • FIXED: Page names are now sorted in alphanumeric order


  • User must now have at least one visible and non disabled panel in order to save the settings.
  • Fixed a bug which prevents user to disable the panels
  • When the homescreen contains at least one visible panel based on CTestUIPlugin, user have a choice to reboot the device or else the changes won’t be effective.


  • Fixed a bug with Softkey 2 URL.
  • Temporarily removed “Visible” check box on Customize window.
  • Saving the new settings will automatically update the homescreen without rebooting the phone.

Download CHomeConfig.CAB here
Download CHomeConfig-IconPack.CAB here 




69 Responses to “CHome Configurator for WM 6.1”

  1. blksith0 said

    Whats the C stand for?

  2. blksith0 said

    What dos it mean when the things are red.

  3. mike said

    If you are thinking about using this you should have done some research Blksith0… WM 6.1 uses sliding panels on the home screen. This is call CHome in the files and the registry. Hence the C

  4. JP said


    I Installed the program in my Blackjack II, but when I try executing it I receive the following error:
    “An Unexpected error has occurred in CHomeConfig.exe.
    An error message cannot be displayed because an optional resource assembly containing it cannot be found”
    What can I do to fix it?

  5. Mike said

    It won’t work on the Blackjack II because it runs WM 6.0. You need to have WM 6.1 in order to use this. 6.1 for the Blackjack II is not out yet.

  6. Installed to Moto Q9h software works great and makes it much easier to manipulate sliding panel, although on program start up I get an error: “error while loading from registry… InvalidOperationException… It happens twice then the configurator opens.

  7. John Cody said

    Excellent utility – huge time saver – very full-featured.

    Works great on my WM 6.1 upgraded T-Mobile Dash.

    Great job!

    -John Cody

  8. Pom said

    What’s the difference between the 2 cabs?

  9. CH said

    @ Pom

    Read… I’m guessing that since the one is named CHomeConfig-IconPack.CAB that it is an icon pack for CHome Config………………………..

  10. Ryan said

    This is very cool !
    Just wondering if you’ve got any instructions written up that you can post. I’m sure can all figure it out, it’d just be good to have and make the learning curve a little shorter.


  11. Partha Bhattacharjee said

    I am using a customised ROM of WM6.1 for my HYC VOX. The version while loading says “error while loading from registry- Onvalid operation exception”. After pressing OK, it does everything allright. But then why does it warn and how to remove this caution ?
    An option with “Restore to defaults” may be thought of in the upcoming versions.

  12. tamanaco said

    I’m also getting the “error while loading from registry- Onvalid operation exception”, but after pressing OK it appears to be fine. Is there a source for more icon to use in the applications launcher or is there a way to use the icons that are built-in in most applications. I remember seeing weather and stock quotes plugins in the new HTC phones; will you be adding the ability to incorporate third party plugins via the configurator? Thanks a lot for this great tool.

  13. AC said

    Thanks!!! Works like a charm on my BJII…

  14. Rechenco said

    I have a BJII with WM6.1, and I getting the error:

    Permission denied when writing to

    I press ok and….

    Error while saving to the registry:
    An error message

    Press ok again and it appears to be fine, but when I turn off and turn on, restore to defaults….

    What can I do to fix it?

  15. Alistair said

    Great program! Easy to use and very effective, but Im running into an issue when using the Contacts Picture Dialer and the application launcher panels.

    While the panels contain 10+ pages each, I can only access the first 8 pages from the home screen plug in. Is there a limit of 8, or is there something else preventing me from accessing any page # above that?


  16. Sapper said

    I have a Blackjack II with 6.1 upgrade and applications unlocked. I start chome config and get the following error:

    “Error while loading from the registry InvalidOperationException”

    I press OK and the app comes up and seems to work. Just frustrating to have the initial error every time.

  17. rudeboy said

    ditto here on my Q9c “error while loading from registry… InvalidOperationException” when starting CHome Configurator, it still loads and works, but it’s just annoying to have that error every single time you start the app.


  18. FirstCavWife said

    Also ditto on the error with BlackJack II running the upgraded WM6.1 ROM.
    And ditto on the annoyance part, but the program works, so that’s all that really matters.
    Thanks for an awesome home screen editor!!!!!!!

  19. Gregory said


    I have installed CHome Configurator on my new HTC Touch Pro (WM Professional 6.1).
    On my device I have installed: “Microsoft .NET CF 2.0” and “Microsoft .NET CF 3.5”.
    Installing CHome Configurator was easy and no errors where reported.

    When I try to run the application I get an error.
    Below stated is the error with the detailed information.

    FYI: I have already tried to run the CHome Configurator without “Microsoft .NET CF 2.0” and “Microsoft .NET CF 3.5” installed on my Touch Pro.

    Do you have any idea what is wrong or why this error occurs?

    Chomeconfig Error:

    An unexpected error has occurred in CHomeConfig.exe.
    Select Quit and then restart this program, or select Details for more information.

    An error message cannot be displayed because an optional resource assembly containing it cannot be found.


    An error message cannot be displayed because an optional resource assembly containing it cannot be found

    at System.Data.RBTree`1.GetNodeByIndex()
    at System.Data.RBTree`1.get_Item()
    at System.Data.DataRowCollection.get_Item()
    at CHomeConfig.FormSettings.LoadConfig()
    at CHomeConfig.FormSettings.FormSettings_Load()
    at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad()
    at System.Windows.Forms.Form._SetVisibleNotify()
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.set_Visible()
    at System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run()
    at CHomeConfig.FormSettings.Main()

  20. BrainStomp said

    I am having the same problem as JP (Comment #4 above). I am trying to run this on a UTStarcom VX 6800 runing WM 6.1.

    Are there any requirements of software that must be installed before trying this program?

  21. Also having this same error: IndexOutOfRangeException

    Is there any way to fix this? I have at AT&T Tilt (HTC Kaiser).

  22. Guys… this application is for Windows Mobile 6.1 – STANDARD devices. That’s the devices without a touch screen. It won’t work on 6.1 Professional devices because they don’t use the same XML layout for the home screen.

  23. spos5 said

    AWESOME! Thank you. Works perfectly on my Shadow (cooked 6.1 ROM).

  24. Julio said

    THANKS A LOT! That’s all my BlackJack II 6.1 ever need!

  25. Johan said

    Using HTC VOX I get the “error while loading from registry… InvalidOperationException” error. This is not a touch screen device, and it has a ROM loaded from xda-developers with WM 6.1. Great application, thanks for your work so far. This is thus not a problem to be “dodged” – it does exist.

  26. Allan said

    Ditto on the “InvalidOperationException” error – receiving it on a Verizon-based Moto Q 9c; otherwise app works great.

  27. RobbieWilkes said

    On my BlackJack II running Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard:

    Receiving the “InvalidOperationException” when starting and “Error while saving to the registry: Security\CHome\DefaultSettings UnauthorizedAcces????tion” upon exiting.

    Haven’t really messed with it too much yet, but I was able to disable / enable the panels. However, the “Dock First Panel” option does not work.

    Perusing the registry, I found the entry for “Security\CHome\DefaultSettings” under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. I was able to make a change to the registry key, so doesn’t appear to be a security issue”

    Would be happy to provide any additional info to assist in resolving these problems.

    • under “Default settings” in the registry, what registry key did you change and how? did that fix the error message or fix the whole CHome program? my error is not allowing my program to save the changes…

  28. Jennifer Blalock said

    Great program. Thanks for sharing.

  29. ptbfc said

    ok i’m new to this stuff i downloaded and installed but don’t find it to run?? what am i missing?? help please..

  30. ev0lu7i0n said

    Ok thing is…..I have installed it and it didn’t work, FINE! but now its being a bitch…and doesnt let me uninstall it ! ! how can i fix iT!? pl3az?

  31. kremun said

    how it works on my treo 500v ???
    help me

  32. Angeru said

    It would be very helpful if somebody provide us with some info. about the Registry problem with the Samsung BJII WM 6.1 . Thanks

  33. ms j said

    I’m having trouble installing it. What are you supposed to do?

  34. Alex said

    how do u install it

  35. 55442andy said

    Gregory’s problem also coours on my BJ 2 – which is a WM6 standard device.
    Help please.

  36. kobekumar said


  37. Hunter said

    Can you make it so you can change the color on your tabs? I would love that, and also i get some error messages (there doesn’t seem to be an actual error but my phone thinks otherwise) it says error while saving to the registry and another wierd on when i first launch the application. please help, thank you

  38. scott said


    I am a newbee at this and am actually trying to change the order of the options in one of the sliding panels. For instance, I want “Text messages” to be first instead of “Missed Calls” – this utility may help (not sure yet) but unfortunately I am not sure how to even use this. I have a BJII with WM6.1 but cannot figure out how to use this. Would you be able to provide some direction?


  39. Andrew said

    Great little utility – thanks.
    It has taken me some time to get the home screen looking how i want it to. What files do i need to backup in order to be able to restore my homescreen without having to rebuild it from scratch should i decide to rebuild my smartphone? BTW i am running the HTC Vox

  40. Pete said

    Hi everyone,

    So for a noob question, but how do you get this installed on the device?

    I have a Q 9c. I have downloaded the CAB file but not sure what I need to do next.


  41. Bear said

    @ Pete: Open your file explorer, and navigate to the folder that you saved the .CAB file in, and just open the .CAB from there. the rest is pretty straight forward. I’m about to download(and install) on my BJII. I’ll be sure to comment on how it goes.

  42. Bear said

    after installing, i find it doesn’t live up to the hype that was given. Don’t get me wrong, i like the program(even though what i can do is currently limited), but i was led to believe it was the be all/end all for Homescreen apps.

  43. dave fewox said

    I am running WM 6.1 on a blackjack II. I too am receiving the registry errors: on launch: “error while loading from the registry InvalidOperationException” and on save changes: “Error while saving to the registry: Security/CHome/Device settings/Unauthorized access exception.” however unlike the posts above..the program does not seem to be working if i ingonre these error messages…any suggestions. thanks

  44. Mike said

    i installed both of these but i cannot figure out how to open it. everytime i select it, it only gives me an option of reinstalling it. it is the same with a few other installations.

  45. Dusty said

    Have any of the Q9c users issues been fixed or resolved without removal of program? I’m reading this thread in hopes that I will find a good app but it’s not looking so hot anymore… Anyone but Bear follow up?

  46. adi said

    great app

  47. davo said

    I have a BJII with WM6.1, and I getting the error:

    Permission denied when writing to

    I press ok and….

    Error while saving to the registry:
    An error message

    Press ok again and it appears to be fine, but when I turn off and turn on, restore to defaults….

    What can I do to fix it? or how i can get it work?

    • dirtycar74 said

      app unlock your device using the appropriate script usually found with a search… just my suggestion…

  48. IdeaGal said

    I have the exact issue that Davo describes. BJII … app doesn’t work for same reasons. Any fix?

  49. Chelsea said

    HOW DO YOU DOWNLOAD THIS APP INTO THE BLACKJACK 2?!?!?! i am going crazy! all i can find from the website is download page and it brings me to this website about the app, all i want to do is get it in my phone! help!

  50. Rodrigo L M K said

    I used on my Motorola Q11 (WM6.1 Std) and works great! Love it! I was unnable to remove Quick Guide and other annoying stuff… only until I installed CHome! Now my smartphone is perfect! Just the way I want! Thanks!

    Got the error message “error while loading from the registry InvalidOperationException” but it worked fine.

  51. Wade Harman said

    Trying to install in a BlackJack II w/ wm 6.1
    Copied .cab to phone, selected file with FileExplorer. File attempted to install, but got the following message “Installation of CHomeConfig.CAB was unsuccessful.” The program is not located in Remove Programs. Any ideas?

  52. DrNoizer said

    I’ve create a custom panel for my HTC S740 phone, the problem is that the portrait layout don’t show the big icon in panel, if I use landscape layout it work correctly.

    What I have to made to correct this?


  53. Alan Cassell said

    I installed CHome cab to the phone with ease. I then installed the icon pack. I then installed the program on my BJ2 and the icon pack, with no comments or errors. But when I run the program I get a statement “while loading from the registry InvalidOperationException.”

    The program opens but nothing I do in the program takes affect. I have deleted and installed both cabs three times with the same error message…Any suggestions????

  54. Nicole H. said

    hey on my blackjack II do i need to install the app unlocker to use the Chomeconfig.?

  55. This app works only on WM6.1 smartphones and works great on my HTC Vox with WM 6.1 Standard. Very easy to use!!! 😉

  56. Sadez said

    Great program, only issue i’ve noticed on the t-mobile dash 3g.
    If you change the icon on the settings to customize them such as profile/comm manger, etc.
    the icons will duplicate themselves through the pages, unless you change the sound profile to the second option. and than it will show all the icons correctly, but the moment you change the sound profile off the 2nd option.. it will happen all over again. which is a bit annoying.


  57. Victor Alexander said

    just got my new dash 3g, and you guys are awesome, I’ve customized it to my liking. added “most called” panel with my 5 favorite people and i don’t even have “fave five” LOL LOL ROFL.

  58. svp88 said

    how the hell can i download this str8 to my Blckjack2!!! im going crazy!!!

  59. Abe said

    this thing rocks, its just what i was looking for.

  60. teenoie said

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  61. Todd said

    “on launch: “error while loading from the registry InvalidOperationException” and on save changes: “Error while saving to the registry: Security/CHome/Device settings/Unauthorized access exception.”

    Same thing so as far as I’m concerned the apps got a bug. Without resolution it’s just a half ass app.

  62. Tony said

    I’m very interested in this program, but since, after searching this entire site, it seems the author has not provided a download link anywhere.

    Can someone tell me how to download this? It would be nice. This site is horribly designed. I have spent almost an hour trying to find the download. Absulutely terrible.

  63. dave said

    there is a link for the cab file at the bottom of the screen shots at the top of the post.

  64. C2k said

    Hi, I just started using this program today and love it. Im just curious though, what xml files are actually changed/created with this program? I love the fact that I can customize the menu, but there are certain things I would also like to do with the xml code. For instance, dock the cHome panel at the top, but have the clock be the default panel. Or just figure out how to create something like the cHome panel. And possibly to have a URL that opens a folder, if I dont enter the address to an executable file it will bring up an error. Any help/questions/comments?

  65. ED said

    I ma trying to get this to load onto my HTC Ozone and it wont find it. I asks to extract into a file folder.

    Any advice?

  66. Johne455 said

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  67. Johnd506 said

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