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myDOF for Windows Mobile Standard 6

Posted by TLogix on July 6, 2008

myDOF is a depth of field (DOF) calculator written for Windows Mobile Standard devices. This software is based on the information provided at web site. For more information about DOF please read its definiton from Wikipedia

This software is very easy to use. Simply fill out the required information: type of camera, focal length of the lens, aperture and the focus distance (distance to the subject) and myDOF will display:

  • Depth of field
  • Near limit of sharpness
  • Far limit of sharpness
  • Limit of sharpness in front of the suject
  • Limite of sharpness behind the subject
  • Hyperfocal distance

Download it here


9 Responses to “myDOF for Windows Mobile Standard 6”

  1. ThePhotographer said

    Great program. Works well. Easy to use on a Windows Mobile 5.0-Smartphone (HTC 710)

  2. TLogix said

    I’m glad that it works well for you even under WM 5.0. I’m thinking about adding one useful feature in the next release: user will be able to define his/her own set of lens and each lens will have its own set of parameters (apertures range, zoom range).

  3. Nice software! The only option I would like to have in addition is medium format 6×6 option. Do you plan to update this version?

  4. lightkan said

    Works great! wm6.0 on blackjack II

  5. Stuman said

    Dude, how do I install this?

    • David said

      just copy the .cab file to your mobile device, use the file explorer to find where you copied it to, double click and it should install without drama.

  6. David said

    Great little bit of software.

  7. Dirk said

    very nice piece of software. Works fine on my HTC Touch HD (wm 6.1)
    It has the advantage over other progs that I have tried is that it remembers the camera choice made. Thanks!

  8. Bill said

    Nice program. Just a couple of ideas for the next release.

    1. DSLR mode (could be an alternative mode on MENU) on focal length that will just move through common lens FL’s (16mm, 20, 24, 28, 35, 50, 60, 85, 100, 135, 150, 180, 200, 300 …). Or a mode on FL that moves in increments of 1mm (or maybe an additional special set of keys that move in 5mm or 10mm steps).

    2. Ability to enter your own camera and circle of confusion. I have Canon 5D Mark II and Panasonic LX3.

    I like your lens idea above … it would be great.

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