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Just updated: CHome Configurator version

Posted by TLogix on July 11, 2008

List of changes:

  • FIXED: Error when writing to .home.xml file: Null reference
  • FIXED: Error when deleting a panel with more than one pages

CHome Configurator page


17 Responses to “Just updated: CHome Configurator version”

  1. miguel said


  2. :) said


  3. Chris said

    hey, has anyone else noticed that the battery page won’t work on a samsung blackjack? It will not redirect to power management. I have emailed the author about this, with no response…

  4. CH said

    Love the program but the templates dont show up for me…

  5. P said

    wish there was a tutorial or instructions page !

  6. R said

    any user guide?

  7. ittichai said

    Great application!!!

    Can configuration data be backed-up? Thanks.

  8. I get error
    An error message cannot be displayed because an optional resource assembly containing it cannot be found

    at System.Data.RBTree ‘1.GetNodeByIndex()
    at System.Data.RBTree ‘1.get_Item()….

    I have an HTC Kaiser (AT&T Tilt) with WM6.1 and have installed 3.5 CF redistributable (it didn’t fix the problem)

  9. Delton Searles said

    Are there any plans for a Tasks page? I am unable to find a way to display tasks on the home screen. Any suggestions.

  10. Bruce said

    On AT&T Blackberry II updated to WM 6.1, the utility installs, but gives InvalidOperationException when started and UnauthorizedAccess error on attempt to exit and save changes. In other words, no changes can actually be made.

    Is there a fix for this?

  11. Bruce said

    Never mind.

    Unstated anywhere here is *how* the utility works – and of course it’s undocumented. Turns out nothing is saved unless one uses the menu/exit method of leaving the program. Then the “Do you want to save…” dialog appears and changes can be saved.

    The whole thing is not terribly intuitive, but at least it works, even if the error messages are annoying – and now I like my BJ II a good deal better. It’s more functional, and I didn’t have to buy a new shell to accomplish that.

  12. S1+ said

    I have a HTC TOUCH, WM6.5. I can’t add new items with it.

  13. Graham said

    Sorry, but this is one of the most frustrating, incomplete, un-intuitive programs I have ever worked with. After 3 hrs of trying to get it to work and reading masses of posts on various forums, I’m still not much closer to even having an understanding of how it works. There’s no proper “how to” from the author, the menu options don’t function as one would expect them to or there isn’t a menu item one expects, once enabled items don’t keep their settings but sometimes they do, a reboot is required after every change wasting heaps of time. I’m giving up… needs a few years development I think.

  14. Ronald said

    This tool works fine with me!

    But then, since your tool supports this, could you please tell me how I can programmatically refresh the home screen? The command I use on professional devices (Titanium) doesn’t have any effect.

    thanks in advance!

  15. dude! said

    Duuuude, solid App. Love it. Thanks for your work.

  16. MISA said


  17. Mickaël said

    Great job ! thanks for sharing (works fine on B7330)

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