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Text input problem with some HTC Windows Mobile devices

Posted by TLogix on April 23, 2008

During the development of myNotes, I came across a nasty problem on some of the HTC smartphones. When using the QWERTY keyboard, certain keys don’t work at all, they only return a function key instead of the alphanumeric character. For example, when I pressed on U key, instead if return the U character,  the key only returned the Arrow Up, that made the focus shift to the previous text box.

The only workaround is enabling multiline input mode on text boxes which requires a lot of navigation back and forth between the data entry window and the full screen editor window.

However after poking around various forums (MSDN, XDA developer, Howard’s, etc), I found out that updating the ROM on the problematic devices to the latest version will usually fix this. It seems that HTC has left a bad implementation of IME on some of their phones. Personally, my HTC SMT 5800 works fine after updating it to the latest ROM from UTStarcom. I also found on XDA Developer forum an unofficial (ie. use it at your own risk) keyboard driver update for HTC Cavalier here.


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