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myDOF for Windows Mobile Standard 6

Posted by TLogix on July 6, 2008

myDOF is a depth of field (DOF) calculator written for Windows Mobile Standard devices. This software is based on the information provided at web site. For more information about DOF please read its definiton from Wikipedia

This software is very easy to use. Simply fill out the required information: type of camera, focal length of the lens, aperture and the focus distance (distance to the subject) and myDOF will display:

  • Depth of field
  • Near limit of sharpness
  • Far limit of sharpness
  • Limit of sharpness in front of the suject
  • Limite of sharpness behind the subject
  • Hyperfocal distance

Download it here


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myNotes: my latest project for Windows Mobile Standard

Posted by TLogix on April 22, 2008

 I have just finished a nice utility for Windows Mobile Stardard which allows users to quickly take a few notes or a short memo using their smartphone.


  • Offers simple text editing capability
  • Notes are saved as invidividual text files in \My Documents\myNotes folder
  • Supports both portrait and landscape QVGA resolution smartphones
  • Easy to use
  • It’s free for personal use

Screen shot

Read more about this software and download it on myNotes homepage

Download URL is also available on the software homepage.

Please feel free to leave your comments & suggestions in this post.

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