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Just updated: CHome Configurator version

Posted by TLogix on July 11, 2008

List of changes:

  • FIXED: Error when writing to .home.xml file: Null reference
  • FIXED: Error when deleting a panel with more than one pages

CHome Configurator page


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CHome Configurator for WM 6.1

Posted by TLogix on May 17, 2008

If you are using a smartphone running on Windows Mobile 6.1, this small utility might be useful for you. It allows you to switch on/off and change the display order of the sliding panels on any CHome homescreens. It could also be used to customize all custom panels based on CWelcomeCenter and Settings plugin.


  • FIXED: Error when writing to .home.xml file: Null reference
  • FIXED: Error when deleting a panel with more than one pages


  • NEW: First panel is now dockable
  • NEW: The page order will also be saved in the active .home.xml file
  • NEW: Icon pack is avalable from a seperate download
  • FIXED: Bug with Internet Link Template when https:// URL is specified


  • NEW: Contact Dialer template now offers a choice to enable SMS button if the selected phone number isn’t a mobile phone.


  • NEW: interactive Application Launcher template
  • NEW: interactive Internet Link template
  • FIXED: Page Order window didn’t save the settings properly
  • FIXED: location of support files (helpers & pictures) are now based on the executable’s folder. This allows the software to be installed to storage card.
  • FIXED: Pictures extracted & used from Outlook Contacts are now saved in My Documents folder.
  • REMOVED: Import & Export to XML because of major problem with the importing feature.


  • NEW: ability to add new and remove existing panels (panels based on CWelcomeCenter)
  • NEW: import from XML, export to XML
  • NEW: ability to copy/paste/paste as new (clone)
  • NEW: page template: Application Launcher, Internet Link and Contact Dialer
  • NEW: ability to change page order
  • NEW: support for CHOME on HTC Vox
  • NEW: Contact Dialer can extract and use contact’s picture.
  • FIXED: Page names are now sorted in alphanumeric order


  • User must now have at least one visible and non disabled panel in order to save the settings.
  • Fixed a bug which prevents user to disable the panels
  • When the homescreen contains at least one visible panel based on CTestUIPlugin, user have a choice to reboot the device or else the changes won’t be effective.


  • Fixed a bug with Softkey 2 URL.
  • Temporarily removed “Visible” check box on Customize window.
  • Saving the new settings will automatically update the homescreen without rebooting the phone.

Download CHomeConfig.CAB here
Download CHomeConfig-IconPack.CAB here 



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